2019 Unboxing de Gabriela Pop 80x80

The POP! are collectible vinyl figures manufactured by a United States company based on the Japanese Chibi concept. They are characterized by expressionless eyes, triangular nose, absence of a mouth, extra large head with a very similar matrix between the different figures. To define a character he uses externalities, such as a superhero suit, a hat, his hair.


The painting "Unboxing de Gabriela (2019)" arises from the reflection about superficiality. Gabriela Mistral was the first person of Chilean nationality to obtain the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945. What the artist knew of the poet as a child were poems in his school books. Gabriela was like a nun (she was not married) who wrote poems for children. Gabriela was a POP!

The artist travels from the simplification of the form to a more real Gabriela Mistral, through contrast. Standing on her Nobel medal, inside her box, she revolves around her lesbianism, her loves, her tragedy, her land, as a starting point to break the superficial vision of an extraordinary woman. In this line of work, the artist has not yet defined whether the painting will be unique or part of a series.


© 2020 Nacho Tobar

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