2019 Unboxing de Gabriela Pop 80x80


Pequeña Muerte, 2016 (75x75 cm)

Soltar es crecer, 2017 (120x90 cm)

Soltar es crecer (2017), 120x90 cm.

1000 USD

"Poder decir adiós es crecer", that's how the song "Adios" by the Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati ends. An inner light feeds the globe with its heat that leads to the new.

That is the core of the snail that appears as a primordial creature in "The Book of Symbols" edited by Taschen. It feeds on rotten plant matter, but "the spiral of the snail's silver shell relates it to the lunar cycles of rebirth and evolution."

Pequeña Muerte (2018), 75x75 cm.

700 USD

This painting arises from reading the autobiography of a Chilean psychologist living in the United States where she tells her story as a victim of sexual abuse when she was a child. The question that remained around was how you can live with such a profound experience when establishing a free and consensual relationship as an adult woman.

Unboxing de Gabriela (2019), 80x80cm

800 USD

Doble estándar (2019), 50x40cm

400 USD

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