Bajo Tierra, 2016 (120x90 cm)

Pequeña Muerte, 2016 (75x75 cm)

Historia de un avión,2017 (75x75 cm)

En la cama, 2012 (150x75 cm)

Término, 2018 (150x75 cm)

Soltar es crecer, 2017 (120x90 cm)


In a youth writing by Hegel, cited by Slavoj Zizek in his book Pandemic (2020), the following sentence appears:

"The loved one is not opposed to us, he is one with our own being; we see ourselves only in him, although he is

no longer a we: he is a riddle, a miracle (ein Wunder), something that we cannot understand."

Nacho Tobar has been married since 2002, and in the complexities of life as a couple, shared life, he found for a long time the theme that has allowed him to develop his own visual language, where figure and background are confused, where fragmentation seeks communicate that it is not easy to have a simple and comprehensive look that explains human relationships.

Each painting tries to fix a moment, like a photograph.

It usually seeks to express with a few colors, it can be two more black and white, in many cases with pairs of complementary colors (see "Old paintings" in the start menu).


Most of the paintings are made on MDF with a textured wallcovering and acrylic paint. As the artist is also a designer, the dimensions of the paintings are related to the size of an MDF board (244x152 cm), cubing this material without loss, as in his furniture projects (see "About").

For this reason, measures such as 90x90, 120x90, 120x60, 75x75, etc. are repeated.

© 2020 Nacho Tobar

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