The paintings that appear on this page were made shortly after the start of the social outbreak that is paused by the pandemic (October 2019). In "Double standard" and "Rage guiding the people" the artist modifies his way of painting and uses a more direct and clearer visual language, such as a poster. From wood to canvas, from medium to small format (50x40 cm).


But reading the paintings is not one-way. The meanings can even be contradictory. The fist, a symbol of the political struggle, raises the question of the why of the struggle. Is it Homo consumens that wants to increase its consumption capacity? Is it the citizen who, in turbocapitalism (Luttwak, 1996), sees how living is more expensive every day and the only alternative is in debt?


Delacroix is ​​the starting point for "The rage guiding the people", and points to the reflection on the meaning of rage as an emotion that has a reason for being within from a biological perspective. Coming out of the smoke, this young student can be the symbol of destruction, for others a saint who fights for equality and dignity. There is a very open eye, which questions, which is a challenge, which can also be the mark of a pellet fired by the police. It appears to be trapped in its rage like a mummy, or it may be a butterfly before flying. Or it can be all at once.

© 2020 Nacho Tobar

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